Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Dog Ate Our Blog!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
407px-Alfred_Dedreux_-_Pug_Dog_in_an_Armchair More precisely, the dog ate our List of Blogs We Read.

We woke this morning to find it gone, and though we searched high and low, it seems to have truly vanished. Of course we did not make a back-up, because we're Nerdy History Girls, not Nerdy Tech-Savvy Girls, and these things happen. To us, anyway.

So if your blog was one of the ones that vanished, please don't feel cheesed or put out with us. We just goofed, and we promise to rebuild our list, once we can get it back from this *&^%$ dog.

Pug Dog in an Armchair by Alfred Dedreux (1810–1860) Ain't he a beaut?


Monica Burns said...

Isn't technology great! My BP goes WAY up every time my computer goes WAY down. *sigh*

Love the dog pic though! LOL

Vanessa Kelly said...

Doggie looks like he had a big feed! Sympathies on the missing blog list.

Leslie Carroll said...

Hmmm ... you could try burping him. Something suspicious about that dog; he doesn't even look much like a pug in that recumbent and self-satisfied pose.

Good luck with reconstruction. Maybe you'll even come up with some new places to read along the way.

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