Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Video: The Odyssey by Thug Notes

Friday, July 27, 2018
Loretta reports:

Back in January, I alerted you to Emily Wilson's new translation of Homer's Odyssey, the first in English by a woman. Since then I’ve been reading it in installments, puzzling over the hero especially, and what drives him, as well as the culture in which the story lives.

This video offers some interesting insights as well as laughs. However, since it’s part of the Thug Notes series, be warned that the language is not delicate.

Video:  Homer's Odyssey - Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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Image at top left is a still from the video.


Yve said...

Hee hee, glad he sorted that out ;)

jennifer trethewey said...

O'Ditty. Ha!!!

Karen A said...

Really great!

KateM said...

Fun. I like Thug Notes Pride and Prejudice the best. I'm in the middle of Emily Wilson's translation, liking her ability to convey the action so clearly and succinctly. I think she's less strong on conveying the subtext in dialogue. She seems to have decided exactly what characters mean and conveys her sense of the meaning directly. So I miss the play between characters like Menelaus and Helen. I'll reserve final judgment for the end after I see how she handles the Penelope/Odysseus scenes. Her intro is brilliant.

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