Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Video: 18th Century Dining

Friday, July 13, 2018
Loretta reports:

As I’ve pointed out in a previous blog post, the dinner table of the late 1700s and early 1800s looked very different from our own, with a large number of dishes, both sweet and savory, presented at the same time.

This video gives a nice, three-dimensional view of what was on the table, as well as short explanations of the dishes. Also, I think you'll enjoy curator Ivan Day’s dry wit.

If the macaroni and cheese surprises you (as it did some commenters), you might want to check out Susan’s blog post on the subject.  Also, as she explains in this blog post, the governor of Virginia would have been eating in the same fashion as his aristocratic counterparts in London.

YouTube Video: English Taste: The Art of Dining in 18th Century England with curator Ivan Day
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Lil said...

Great fun.
Have you ever tried to actually recreate a meal like this? I'd love to try, but I'm afraid my local supermarket might fall short when it comes to some of the ingredients, and I know I'd fall short on the silverware!

Margaret Nairne said...

Hadn't seen this before and really enjoyed the video. Rather fascinating and thanks for posting!

Cheri said...

I love learning about daily history like this! I just finished watching "Lords and Ladles" on netflix where 3 chefs travel to different manor houses and castles in Ireland and recreate large amazing meals from 1700's-to early 1900's. I don't think I could eat all the meats that they did back then.

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