Saturday, June 23, 2018

Breakfast Links: Week of June 18, 2018

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Breakfast Links are served! Our weekly round-up of favorite links to other web sites, articles, blogs, and images via Twitter.
Adelaide Hermann, 19thc Queen of Magic: she caught bullets with her bare hands, and made magic's glass ceiling disappear..
• The poignant, richly creative life of poet John Keats, evoked through a visit to his house.
• Jefferson's Monticello finally gives Sally Hemings her place in presidential history.
• A 17thc tailor tempted by dancing: a page in the life of John Dane.
Image: Hidden in the inside cover of this book, a 19thc hand-written witticism that's still funny.
• How women "got married" long before gay marriage.
• A page worth exploring: Music of the American Civil War.
• A football match in 18thc Ireland.
• Once freed from enslavement, Moses Williams became a master silhouette artist in 18th-19thc Philadelphia.
• The surprising origin of the word morgue.
• How to spot a perfect fake: James Martin, the world's top art forgery detective.
• Sex, lies, and betrayal: did Wordsworth really betray Coleridge?
• The "romance" of Grace and Calvin Coolidge.
Image: Twinkle toes: rhinestone-set shoe epitomizes fashion's taste for sparkle after Stock Market Crash of 1929.
• Not just in Boston: New York City's Patriots and the 1774 Tea Party.
• The workings of the Ladies' Aid Societies of the American Civil War.
• The history of the lead pencil.
• What the sailors ate on board Captain Cook's Resolution, 1775.
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Above: At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring. Private collection.


Hels said...

The post on John Keats’ House in Spitalfields Life is excellent - what a sad, tragic and short life the poet led.

Sarah said...

the link on women getting married before there was gay marriage is wrong, it goes to something about WW2

Susan Holloway Scott said...

Sarah, Hmmm...I just tried the link, and it worked for me. But Blogger can work in mysterious ways, so here is the link again, just in case:

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