Monday, June 18, 2018

Being Elsewhere

Monday, June 18, 2018
Loretta reports:

I have no report. With apologies, there will be no Nerdy History Girl blog post from me today, because it's too late at night to pretend to be intelligent about history. This is because I didn't come back soon enough from where I was away to. Instead I offer all the preceding prepositions in places some people will say are wrong.

And the pictures are from where I was late coming back from, on the Maine coast in paradise. So maybe you won't blame me for not hurrying back.


Cynthia Lambert said...

Certainly no apology needed. It's summertime. Time to kick back a little. Relax and enjoy. And don't feel guilty about it ;-)


Charlotte Frost said...

Wherever you are, enjoy x

allover_u said...

I live on the coast of Maine! You couldn't be anywhere better! As soon as I saw the pics I knew it was Maine. Relax and enjoy!

Annette N said...

The way I figure it, if it can not be me seeing such beauty, it may as well be someone I like. So, glad you enjoyed.

And just as an aside, doesn't God do good work?

Lucy said...

Honey, you've earned every one of those prepositions. (And I never did have much use for grammatical enforcement officers anyway.) :D

Glad you had a lovely place to be.

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