Monday, April 9, 2018

Fashions for April 1833

Monday, April 9, 2018
April 1833 Ball Dress

Loretta reports:

Since my new series, Difficult Dukes, is set in 1833, and we’re up to the 1830s in the monthly fashion prints, it made sense to offer sample fashions from that year. You’ve seen enough of the 1830s images by now to be familiar with the immense sleeves and lofty approach to hair styles and headwear. These plates, published in The Lady's Magazine and Museum (Improved series, Enlarged Vol. 2), uses the high quality French engravings, rather than some of the cheap copies we see elsewhere.

You will notice, in the ball dress description, that the corset-style top can be a different color from the dress. Indeed, any of these dresses might have been made in other colors and fabrics, with individual touches. Somewhere there may be a fashion plate with the dress in two colors, since the engravings were hand colored, and the publisher would have employed more than one artist.
April 1833 Walking Dress

Dress description

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David Godbolt said...

Looking at the powerful colour displayed in these images, I am curious about how much this was exaggerated by those artists as chemical dyes were not used before 1856, so perhaps not a true representation of the period?

Marti said...

Do you have any fashion plates of older women?

Unknown said...

Actually, those colors are all obtainable in silk with natural dyes

David Godbolt said...

Thank you Margaret for the info., much appreciated!

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