Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Video: A Victorian Christmas & Victorian Dolls

Friday, December 15, 2017
Loretta reports:

Looking for some holiday-type historical footage for the Friday video, I came upon these stereoscopic images of staged, late-Victorian Christmas celebrations. Many of the images seem a little eerie to me. But then, Victorian images often are. In this case, too, the strange “animation,” combined with the stereoscopic effect, heightens the sensation.

But I was struck by the little girls cradling their dolls, an image that remains familiar and sweet.

Then I remembered the photos of Victorian toys—mainly dolls and doll furniture—I took in September at the Provincetown Museum, which is part of the Pilgrim Monument.* I could picture little girls on Christmas morning, lovingly holding these dolls when they were new.

*No, I didn’t climb to the top of the monument. There’s quite a lovely panoramic view on the website.

Video: 3D Stereoscopic Photographs of Christmas in the Victorian Era (1889-1902)

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