Saturday, December 2, 2017

Breakfast Links: Week of November 27, 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017
Breakfast Links are served - our weekly round-up of fav links to other web sites, articles, blogs, and images via Twitter.
• The Italian prince at Waterloo.
• The oldest treasures in twelve great libraries.
• Ten things you (probably) didn't know about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites.
• A pair of short videos here and here for an extraordinary Victorian archery ensemble, complete with an original belt and accessories.
• One of NYC's greatest architectural losses: the birth, life, and death of the old Penn Station.
• Image: Author Edith Wharton's motor vehicle permit, France, 1915.
• English folklore: the fairy midwife and the magic ointment.
• Poet Phyllis Wheatley's writing desk most likely began as a card or tea table.
• Victorian doodles of Vauxhall pleasure gardens.
Dying with "perfect resignation" in the Regency.
• Peas, please: the objects authors use most frequently for size comparison, past and present.
• Sexuality during the American Civil War: soldiers, wives, and intimate dreams.
• Image: Built in 1705 by Sir Christopher Wren, St. Paul's Dean's Stair appears to float.
Wardrobes and the storage of clothes at a Swedish manor house, 1758.
• "A Lament Upon a Wombat", 1869 (because that lamented wombat was the pet of artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti.)
• Love advice from the middle ages: how to tell if your 12thc lover is not that into you.
• Smallpox in the Sea Islands: Clara Barton and Columbus Simonds in South Carolina.
Chopin's preserved heart may provide clues to his cause of death.
• Four generations of brides from a single family wore this handmade wedding dress from 1932.
Image: Just for fun: For maximum impact and flair when reserving a parking space, try a peacock.
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Above: At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring. Private collection


Hels said...

Edith Wharton was a brave woman. Imagine a woman driving a car as early as WW1 and in a foreign country at that.

Kate said...

Solace!! When I was in college it was all about „courtly love=NO SEX“!!! Thanks for this insight!

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