Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Video from the Archives: Historical Dresses Undressed

Friday, June 9, 2017

Susan reporting,

I first shared this video five years ago, and the images still fascinate me. The video was created by the Mode Museum (MoMu) in Antwerp, Belgium, in conjunction with their 2012 exhibition Living Fashion: Women's Daily Wear 1750-1950. There's a splendid selection of dresses from the exhibition, photographed "in the round" so the backs (which can be the best parts of 19th c. dresses) is visible as well as the fronts. It's a great way to see the complete stylish silhouette. In addition, a number of the dresses are shown with the undergarments that give them the necessary fashionable shape - including a daunting maternity corset from the 1860s. Other highlights are an early 20th c. riding habit shown "riding" a ghostly, galloping horse, and how a c.1900 dress was refashioned into a 1940 "war dress." Definitely worth a return from our archives!

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Abigail Gossage, Photographer said...

Wonderful video! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Sandy Brosolo said...

I always look forward to your Friday videos and I especially enjoyed this one. Thank you ladies and keep up the good work.

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