Friday, June 30, 2017

Casual Friday: Victorian Jewellery at the Museum of London

Friday, June 30, 2017
Loretta reports from London:

Today's photos: some Victorian bling from the Museum of London. Below, in order:
gold tourmaline jewelry c. 1860, in original case; tiara front or comb mount c.1840; brooch and earrings c. 1850 (gold set with aquamarines, rubies, and foiled quartz).  Unfortunately, I seem not to have collected correct info for the last item. Labeling in the museum is not very detailed, but you can contact them for more specifics, if you're curious.

I apologize for any confusion and lack of story in these posts: Blogger hates my iPad and vice versa. This combined with a dial-up internet connection makes posting an ordeal.

Please click on images to enlarge.


Danielle Thom said...

The last item in your post is a Freedom Box, presented by the City of London to Admiral Augustus Keppel in 1779. Gold with enamel plaques.

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