Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gothic Library for July 1813

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Gothic Library July 1813
Loretta reports:

I tend to set many scenes in libraries, for all kinds of reasons. Libraries in great houses can be cozy or vast. By the Regency, and certainly by the time of my stories, people are spending more time in them, reading, looking at maps, drawing, writing letters, or simply using it as a family den—“a room of usual resort” as the description puts it. In my searches online, I’ve found libraries of all shapes and sizes. They might contain a greater variety of furniture than other rooms. And then, I like the idea of surrounding my characters with books.
Library description
This gothic-looking library is a follow up to the previous month’s architectural feature You can read the “observations contained in the Repository of last month” here.

The image, not as interesting, I think, as July’s, is here.

Library description cont'd

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Unknown said...

Just beautiful!

Now I want to learn knotting.
Where can you find reproductions of these beautiful
18th century knotting shuttles?

Thank you so much.

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