Saturday, July 9, 2016

Breakfast Links: Week of July 4, 2016

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Breakfast Links are served - our weekly round-up of fav links to other web sites, articles, blogs, and images via Twitter.
• A dinosaur dinner, and and relics from "one of the greatest humbugs, frauds, and absurdities ever known."
• The Major Oak, capturing the imagination for centuries.
• The naked truth about French postcards.
Mabel Loomis Todd, the adulteress who made Emily Dickinson famous.
• Taming a scaly sphinx - and making it into a fabulous jewel.
• Scott and Zelda document their lives: Fitzgerald scrapbooks now online.
Video: Pineapples and frogs: a selection of whimsical purses from the Museum of London.
• Be-neaped and beating the booby: talking like a sailor, 1867.
• Some of history's most beautiful combs were made to remove lice.
Samuel Pepys at St. Olave's
• The last ruins of Dunwich, Suffolk's lost medieval town.
Educated fleas, health-giving beer, and sweet-smelling elephants: highlights from American pamphlets, 1820-1922.
• The secret messages hiding inside 17thc engagement rings.
• The Devil's Column at the Basilica Sant'Ambrogio.
Image: Letter written in 1842 with the question "What's up?"
• "The frightful consequences of self-pollution": Why has masturbation historically been a shameful fact of life?
• Black women featured in early modern cameos.
• Meet the woman who preserves the vintage clothing in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Image: Did you know that Amelia Earhart also had a successful clothing line?
• Thousands of early 20thc art posters available to download for free from the New York Public Library.
• Paris, the big picture.
• An old Maryland recipe for vanilla ice cream, plus why the food of the past wasn't always better.
• The Bromley Wizard and the cheese kettle.
• The Glastonbury Cows and the fight for women's suffrage.
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Above: At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring. Private collection.


Hels said...

The New York Public Library's posters are terrific - using art nouveau, impressionism, pre-Raphaelite, photography and even something that looks like pre-Deco. And free to download :)

Ocean Senta said...

Thanks for sharing these, I love how all of the links are so informative-I learn something new for every breakfast links roundup posted!

Karen Anne said...

I didn't know Emily's poems were altered before publication. Is it known if the poems as currently in print are unaltered?

Jan Taylor said...

I love your blog and your breakfast links, but I keep losing whole days to them. Thanks, I think, Jan Taylor

witness2fashion said...

Here is photo about Amelia Earhart's "active-living" clothing line from a June, 1934, Delineator magazine article on careers for women:
Hmmmm... they recommended fashion, not aviation....

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