Monday, January 4, 2016

Fashions for January 1836

Monday, January 4, 2016

Morning & Opera Dresses Jan 1836
Loretta reports:

This month’s fashion plate is connected to my recently released book, Dukes Prefer Blondes, whose heroine’s clothing styles cover the time between August 1835 and May 1836, when fashion finally begins its shift away from the gigantic sleeves to the less flamboyant style we might think of when we think of “Victorian”: the top of the dress gets smaller, and hair and bonnet styles grow sleeker.

In January 1836, however, The World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons is still showing enormous sleeves. The black dress on the right gives a nice view of what’s under the opera cloak. One note: the pelerines, which look so stiff in the plate, were rather more graceful in real life, being made of fine muslin.
Dress Description

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Liz said...

How did slim women manage to have such rounded (not bony) shoulders, I wonder! It looks to have been a challenging time for those with fashion ambitions. Or perhaps not, compared to the days of Victorian corseting. At least they didn't have to shave their underarms.

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