Saturday, January 23, 2016

Breakfast Links: Week of January 18, 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016
Breakfast Links are served - our weekly round-up of fav links to other web sites, articles, blogs, and images via Twitter.
• Time to get out your ice skates: Gillray's Elements of Skating, 1805.
• The great rocking chair riots of 1901 in New York's Madison Square Park.
Image: Jane Austen's writing desk.
• The world's first hunk: why we're obsessed with muscle-men.
• A squash does in fact hold dried blood of beheaded Louis XVI.
Falkirk tartan is oldest in Britain, dating back to Roman times.
• The ideal marriage, according to novels (and it's male writers who tend to portray love as something mysterious and irrational.)
Image: Portrait by self-taught itinerant painter Ammi Phillips, c1815.
• Oh, red shoes! Red pumps with moosehair embroidery, c1850-1870.
• This is wonderful: What Estella saw.
• More similar than you'd think: how Victorian daily habits compare to ours today.
Make-up and medicine in the Middle Ages.
• This 19hc French policeman's amulet includes a piece of a hangman's rope and a dried slice of a murderer's skin.
Big Hair of the 1960s in snapshots.
• Check out the on-line exhibition for the MuseumFIT's Denim: Fashion's Frontier - including a pair of 1830s denim work pants.
• If, like most of us, you can't get to Glasgow for the Century of Style exhibition, you can still download the app.
Image: Vintage London underground poster.
• Are you (or your daughter, or granddaughter) part of the Felicity generation?
Ogling another man's girl in 1912 cost a NY salesman his life.
• A tailor looks for customers so he can support his "very distress'd Family," 1766.
Pye Corner: flames, poltergeists, and bodysnatchers.
Mud hovels, mean houses, and natural philosophy in early 19thc India.
Image: F.Scott Fitzgerald's financial ledger for 1925.
• Fashion never sleeps: looking back at the last time wearing pajamas in public was in style.
• The "virgin's disease" that could only be cured by sex.
• David Bowie in historical costume.
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Above: At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring. Private collection.


Hels said...

My Wonderful Era was 1963-1969, then ordinary life and adult responsibilities kicked in. So I was keen to see the 1960s poofy hairdos! I remember every minute of the teasing and spraying back then, but now I can't tell if those photos were stunning and historically appropriate, or plain horrid.

Thanks for the images :)

Karen Anne said...

Most women didn't have those extremes. I remember having to struggle to get the hairdressers not to use hair spray. Finally I told them I was allergic, that worked.

Donnaeve said...

Hi "nightsmusic!"

Dropping in from JR's blog - I was actually thinking Diane (DLM) from there would likely LOVE your blog since she's a huge history fan as well - her time periods I think are 15th century or so?

Anyway, interesting and very well laid out. The name "Two Nerdy History Girls?" Perfect!

I really enjoy your comments at JR's site and your humor!

Barbara said...

If you get a chance, read the "What Estella Saw" --- the paintings are beautiful and she sounds like such an interesting person! At the bottom of that article, there is another one about her written by the same person just before Christmas --- more beautiful paintings! I just love the colors.

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