Monday, September 14, 2015

Garden Decor for 1821

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bridge & Temple 1821
Loretta reports:

Prose of the early 19th century can be dauntingly indirect. When reading periodicals of the time, I find myself wondering whether there were rules like “Avoid the active voice” and “Never come at a sentence straight on, but wind your way in by means of numerous clauses.”

“An elevated class of decoration” had me scratching my head. Did they mean classy? Or reaching skyward?

For fun, you might want to rewrite the Bridge & Temple description in a modern style.

Meanwhile, we now know to make sure there’s a quarry on our estate, so that we can build our garden ornaments with stone rather than the too-rapidly-decaying wood or plaster.

Bridge & Temple Description 1821
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Anonymous said...

No need for a quarry. Have them made of Coade stone.

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