Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Video: Lewis & Clark Epic Rap Battle

Friday, May 29, 2015
Lewis & Clark & Sacagawea
Loretta reports:

U.S. schoolchildren who learn about the Lewis & Clark expedition probably remember little except Sacagawea
—which is OK, with me, since it’s not certain the explorers could have made it without her. Many years after those history lessons, I read Stephen Ambrose’s  Undaunted Courage, and developed a proper appreciation for what theses people faced and what an extraordinary accomplishment this was.

The video is a rather more lighthearted take, with plenty of in-jokes for those familiar with the story—and/or Bill & Ted.

Image: Detail of "Lewis & Clark at Three Forks" by Edgar Samuel Paxson, mural in lobby of Montana House of Representatives.

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AuntieNan said...

I almost woke my teenaged son up, I think, listening to this... Thanks for the fab chuckle!
Happy Friday!
Nancy N

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