Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fashions for October 1822

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
1822 Morning Dress
1822 Evening Dress
Loretta reports:

While the early 1820s see more complicated fashions than the 1810s, we’re still in a vertical mode.  Hair and headdress don’t yet jump off the lady’s head, and the sleeves haven’t yet swelled up to sofa cushion proportions.

I chose these fashions because the lace on the morning dress was particularly beautiful, and an example of the kinds of craftsmanship well-heeled ladies could afford.  Too, I’m accustomed to seeing “blond lace” in descriptions, and here the emphasis is on British-made lace. The rather fussy plaid silk evening dress is a little tough on these 21st century eyes, but I know plaid was very popular, and I’m imagining that the real thing would look softer and more delicate than the illustration.

Fashion plates from Ackermann's Repository 1822, courtesy Internet Archive.

Dress description at source

Dress description at source
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Lil said...

I've always associated plaid with fall—going back to school clothes. Interesting to see a plaid dress for October in 1822!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how by 1822, tartans had apparently lost all their earlier threatening symbolism for the English, and were considered "safe" enough for pretty silk dress fabrics. I wonder if the Highlanders felt the same way?

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