Saturday, October 25, 2014

Breakfast Links: Week of October 20, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014
Fresh for you - our weekly roundup of favorite links to other web sites, blogs, articles, and images, all gathered for you via Twitter.
• Fashion myths: Roger Vivier's coronations shoes.
• Mourning the short-lived children of John and Dorothy Hancock.
• Regency fashion victim: "An Exquisite alias  Dandy in Distress!"
• With and without: how wearing a corset affects you and your clothes.
• Beautiful fish art by 19th c. convict transported to Tasmania for stealing a coat.
• The forgotten female "shell shock" victims of World War One.
Image: Wonderful headstone for Dewey the Cat (1898-1910).
• The House of Doucet, a 19th c. pillar of fashion.
Tape loom weaving and its traditions in the North American colonies.
• The princess, a ruff, and an eyepatch.
• Portrait of a lady? Exhibition aims to stop the spread of Jane Austenization.
• The Divine Sarah Bernhardt upstages the spirits at a Spiritualist seance in New York, 1893.
Image: The St. Pancras Smallpox Hospital in London in the 18th c.; now the site of the King's Cross station.
• The House of Correction for bad wives, 1791.
• The now-lost 1763 Rhinelander warehouse survived in Lower Manhattan until 1892 due to a baseless rumor that lives on today.
• The tale of Lord Byron's ill-fated doctor, John Poliodori.
• Why students give teachers apples and more from the fruit's juicy past.
Image: early photo of Piazza San Marco in Venice, 1870.
• Letter from Queen Anne (Anne Boleyn.)
• Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith, other authors, share their best writing advice.
• Big pockets, little pockets: a question of pocket equality for women.
• Flirting with death: the subject of death plays a part in popular culture (and a new fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.)
Image: 18th c. wedding dress of Queen of Sweden.
• Haunting homes: Ohio's abandoned country houses.
• How flowers conquered the world.
• Do NOT try this at home: Mrs. Corlyon's toxic pimple remedy.
• Interesting selection of 1880s-1890s Liberty Art fabrics.
• The golden age of outhouses.
• Beautiful Elder Street, Spitalfields, London, in 1935 and 2013.
• An endangered species: Britain's non-royal duchesses.
Image: Grave of 14th c. couple holding hands.
Paisley, cashmere, pashmina....
• New site gives a tour through the making of a medieval manuscript.
• The 1829 story of the late Female Husband, wife-beater and model of restraint.
• A tornado, some executions, and a flood of beer.
• Just for fun: Wren Behaving Badly.
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