Friday, June 27, 2014

Vixen in Velvet—the story, the research, & other things

Friday, June 27, 2014
Dressmaker Book #3
Loretta reports:

Here on the blog we focus on the bits of history we encounter while doing research for our books—or just researching for fun.  Now and again we talk about the ways we connect our investigations to our main jobs of writing novels.  With the launch of Vixen in Velvet, I’ve had several opportunities to talk about the way I integrate my historical research (especially fashion) into my stories, as well as other topics.

Today I offer the lineup of Vixen in Velvet-related activities.  They include a short video, which is your Casual Friday Video.  Sorry.  It's me.   

Coming in late with another one, from the Kindle blog:  my Q& A with talented Avon author Sarah MacLean.

Lady Avon Interviews Loretta about Vixen in Velvet.  Even my publisher has questions.

Avon Loves Librarians—a video excerpt from the tea Avon hosted for Sarah MacLean and me during Book Expo America. 

My blog post for Heroes & Heartbreakers (their title because I forgot!—and yes, “flare” should probably be“flair” but it still works if you imagine fireworks.)

Isabella interrogates me here, in case you missed it.

Romance Unlaced: Interview with Loretta Chase—Madeline Hunter interrogates me at Happy Ever After.

My wonderfully nerdy interview at All About Romance.

Interviews at Writer at Play, Part 1 and Part 2.

And if you're not sick of me talking about me & my writing, or if you still have unanswered questions, please ask—or join me here next week for more about the things I've learned about the 1830s and what I do with them.


mk said...

Nope. Totally notice of you talking about your writing!

mk said...

Oops. Stupid spellcheck. That should be totally NOT sick

Anonymous said...

I just finished Vixen in Velvet early this morning. I wish there was a visual blog or pinterest page to go with the book full of pictures/photos of the fabric and fashions you had in mind as you wrote the book. Each visual with a quote from the book so I could see what you were writting about...Just a wish.

Anonymous said... Follow this link go to the Boston Globe web site and search in the Lifestyle/Style section for the headline
The history behind Boston’s first fashionista

I think you will find the story interesting.

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Second Anonymous - Not to be butting in on Loretta's post - but I wanted to comment on the link to the Boston Globe article. The fashion historian mentioned in the article, Kimberly Alexander, is in fact a "Friend of the Blog." She has invited me to come see the Elizabeth Bull wedding dress with her the next time I'm in Boston, which I fully intend to do! Expect a blog post here on the dress soon. :)

LorettaChase said...

Anonymous 1--Your wish is my command. I have a pinterest page with boards devoted to my books. Please check it out at
MK, thank you! And yes, I'm not done yet!

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