Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Indian Jugglers in Pall Mall, 1813

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Loretta reports:

If you were in Pall Mall in 1813, you might have seen these jugglers.  Unfortunately, the article doesn't say where in Pall Mall they performed. I find one specific reference in John Wilkes's Encyclopaedia Londinensis,
where he indicates that the jugglers were in a temporary exhibition space near Christie's.

Indian Jugglers inspired a lengthy essay by William Hazlitt.  But this account from Ackermann's Repository for October 1813 offers, I believe, more than enough food for thought.

Warning to the squeamish:  There is definitely an ick factor.
Read online here

Read online here


The Greenockian said...

Don't think I'd fancy watching someone "casting up his tripes"! The ick factor indeed! But it sounds like there were plenty of folk willing to take advantage of their talents.
The Greenockian

Nanük said...

Pops says no chewing the antique coats. Mmmmm... antique coats,


Anonymous said...

The Indian Jugglers performed at no.87 Pall Mall.

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