Thursday, July 18, 2013

18th Century Vignettes from Colonial Williamsburg

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Isabella reporting,

A bonus post today, simply because I wanted to share these photos.

As enjoyable as Colonial Williamsburg is for a self-proclaimed history nerd - the tradespeople, the politics, the antiques and art - sometimes it's the little unexpected moments that offer the truest glimpse into the past. (As always, please click on the images to enlarge them.)

Top: It's been so hot here this week that in the buildings without modern air-conditioning, every door and window is thrown open for any hint of a breeze. This is looking into (and through) one of the outbuildings behind the Peyton Randolph House. Hard to imagine being one of the 18th c. women using those flatirons (standing on the table) in 100 degree heat!

Left: This is one of the upstairs bedchambers in the Wetherburn Tavern. The gentleman who has removed his wig (the heat again?) has paid extra for one of the "private" rooms - though he'll likely still be sharing his lodgings with several other men if the House of Burgesses is in session and the town is crowded.

Right: This is the shop window of the post office and printing shop, offering pens, paper, and ink as the tools of the writing trade. How could I not include that? But it wasn't until just now that I noticed the abandoned plastic cup sitting on the brick wall. Ahh, modern "civilization" intrudes again....


Catherine Curzon said...

I need to visit Williamsburg, I think - definitely a future holiday destination!

Karen said...

Wonderful photos -- I wish I were there, though do I really, in this heat? I'm glad I'm not a re-enactor right now.

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