Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashions for September 1813

Monday, September 19, 2011
Loretta reports:

Though I try not to inundate readers with fashion illustrations, the artistry and the dresses in these plates are so beautiful, I had to share them.
A ROUND robe of white Venetian crape, worn over a white gossamer satin slip, appliqued with lace in front of the bosom; full slashed sleeve and demi-bodice, of amber or other coloured, satin, confined at regular distances and at the bottom of the waist with bows of correspondent ribband. The bottom of the dress finished with treble rows of lace, put on very full. Head-dress, à la Parisienne, composed of a small bandeau of diamonds, white roses, and folds of silk the colour of the bodice; over which is disposed fancifully a large transparent Mechlin veil. Ear-rings, necklace, cross, and studs of brilliants or pearl. Slippers of amber satin, with silver rosettes and trimming. Gloves of; French kid, and fan of carved ivory.
A white jaconot muslin high dress, with long sleeves and collar of needle-work; treble flounces of plaited muslin round the bottom; wrist and collar confined with a silk cord and tassel. The hair disposed in the Eastern style, with a fancy flower in front or on one side. A Vittoria cloak, or Pyrennean mantle, of pomona green sarsnet, trimmed with Spanish fringe of a correspondent shade, and confined in graceful folds on the left shoulder. A white lace veil thrown over the head-dress. A large Eastern parasol, the colour of the mantle, with deep Chinese awning. Roman shoe, or Spanish slipper, of pomona green kid, or jean.  Gloves of primrose or amber-coloured kid.

Ackermann's Repository, 1813


Meg McNulty said...

Feeling the chill today, those Regency ladies dressed in September's muslin gowns must have needed a LOT of shawls, long sleeves or nay!

I LOVE the descriptions.

Isobel Carr said...

I'm pretty sure most of us are happy to be inundated! These images (esp with the accompanying description) are not easy to come by.

gio said...

I love this type of posts. The dresses are beautiful and I love reading the descriptions. Keep them coming!

Candice Hern said...

1813 is one of my favorite years for fashion prints.

Thea said...

i love the short cloak and the parasol.

Marilu Veale said...

I love the short cloak and parasol and in the first one the the gathered bows along the arm. So graceful.

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