Sunday, January 23, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of January 17, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Now that we've joined Twitter, we're discovering dozens of interesting blogs and sites, news stories and announcements, that delight us as Nerdy History Girls. We're sure you'd enjoy them as well – here's a selection of our favorites from the past week.

• Great news for us in the US: Amanda_Vickery: At Home with the Georgians on DVD to be released 3/11:
 • What's YOUR Regency name?: Regency Name Generator:
 • And now for The King's Overcoat: Interview with costume designer for 'The King's Speech':
 • In Philadelphia tour guides believe it's their right to tell wrong 18th c history to visitors, & wow, do they ever:
 • Children's clothing in the 18th century:
 • One for the Twitter historians: Seven Dials, London, circa 1780, by William Hodges
 • Download Jane Austen's will from National Archives, part of their searchable collection of wills
 • Oh, for a closet like this one at Ham House, complete with the paintings & north light:
 • Another test: Can you properly dress the Victorian lady?
 • More costumes - Read about Europe's largest costumier for films like Downton Abbey.
 • Happy birthday to Cézanne, born on this date in 1839! More on him and his paintings here- enjoy:
 • Accidents do happen: The Bishop and the Crossbow:
 • Can't resist 'serious' art scholarship: Who is more "ecstatic": St. Robert Plant or St. Theresa?
 • Start stitching - this is worth it. Make the quilt that Jane Austen made!
 • Bustle away! Beautiful 1872 day dress, black w/pink roses, at FIDM:
• Costume alert for 18th c Regency & beyond: searchable collection of 1780-1880 pix from British & Am. fashion magazines:
 • A new mobile app uses The National Archives' records to convert old money to present day values:
 • Costume Designers Guild nominations: Would you choose these as the best clothes on film last year?


Always Trista said...

My favorites are Jane Austen's quilt and the Ecstacy of St. Robert Plant. This is an awesome feature to your blogging. Thank you for doing it!

Penny said...

Unfortunately the DVD of Amanda Vickery is not listed on netflix or amazon at least not yet.

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