Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011
Now that we've joined Twitter, we're discovering dozens of interesting blogs and sites, news stories and announcements, that delight us as Nerdy History Girls. We're sure you'd enjoy them as well – here's a selection of our favorites from the past week.

• Whoa! Thomas Jefferson reports a UFO to American Philosophical Society in 1800:
 Creator of beehive hairdo honored & good thing, too:
 • Remember Hatch the #Tudor Terrier? Now she's fundraising for a new kennel:
 • From author Sara Linsey: more pix from LACMA “Fashioning Fashion”:
 Snow to shovel, again. Here's a far more attractive version from 19th c painter George Innes:
 Amazing dresses that once belonged to the Empresses of Russia.
 Join Lady Russell in her Winter Pleasures in Bath, Part One
 Eating Like an Edwardian:
 • Visit Bath instead of the snowy Northeast: Lady Russell's Winter Pleasure:The Ball-Room of the UpperRooms
 Paintings of Opulent European Interiors by American Walter Gay 1856-1937
 • Who wouldn't feel like a goddess in this 1925 Fortuny dress? #fashion
 Hair from Marie Antoinette, G. Washington, Byron, Poe, & Keats: RT @MchlRbnsnBlogs Hair today| Locks of ages ...
 Beautiful greens, beautiful room: Headfort House, Ireland restoration of Adam scheme
 Just come across this great collection of c18th trade cards:
 • How we nearly lost Charles Dickens Early: the Staplehurst Rail Crash of 1865
 Writing novels offered Victorian women 'advancement'. Lessons from 1895 on how to write fiction book are still relevant.
• Etiquette quiz: see how you'd do in Downton Abbey society in 1912:
 • Beautiful way to start the day: A slideshow of an Elizabethan Manor house in Sussex -

Above: At Breakfast, by Laurits Andersen Ring, 1898


Ana Farish said...

Thanks for the roundup! I especially loved Sara Lindsey's photo stream from LACMA.

Emma J said...

Those fashion pictures are totally to die for.
I also really liked the last link, the one to the Tudor house. Imagine living in a place that gorgeous!

Jo Manning said...

Oh, cool! I have always been a nerdy history girl :-)

nightsmusic said...

Oh, boy. You two are in trouble now! I had to stop twittering because I wasn't getting anything else done. Here's hoping the blush wears off the vine soon for you two!



Anonymous said...

Can't bring myself to do twitter. This digest is so much more agreeable. Appreciate it!

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