Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update: Eighteenth Century Children's Pull-Carriage

Saturday, May 8, 2010
Susan reports:

Last month, I posted here about an 18th c. children's pull-carriage that Loretta and I had seen in Colonial Williamsburg. The carriage is a reproduction, made several years ago by CW craftsmen, and is a favorite with visiting children.

Several of our readers asked if it was an exact replica of an original, and offered 18th-19th c. illustrations as possibilities. (My favorite was this one by Gillray, and thanks again to Michael Robinson for the link.) I didn't know; as much as I scribble in my little pocket notebook, it doesn't have all the answers.

But on my most recent visit to CW, I did remember to ask the experts in the stables. Their reply: this splendid yellow children's pull-carriage is a composite of several original 18th c. sources, a design very much in the spirit of existing models, if not an exact copy, and made with 18th c.-style tools and materials. And yes, I still believe that any child, whether living right now or two hundred years ago, would be absolutely thrilled to have one.


Allen Conroy said...

I missed this first time around. Interesting little plaything. Good post.

Pauline said...

Susan you are so right! Both of my daughters, though now old enough to ride astride with the young gentlemen, would have loved the heck out of this thing.

nightsmusic said...

I just think it's such a nifty little thing, I'd have loved to ride in one as a child :o)

Vanessa Kelly said...

The craftsmanship on that little cart just looks amazing! I love the bright colors, too.

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