Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Intrepid Women: The Mad Earl's Bride

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Loretta reports (in author mode)

Yes, there’s that lady beating the drum again.  It means a Nerdy History Girl has a new book to talk about. 

The anthology, Three Times a Bride, which was released this week, contains one of the few (i.e., two) novellas I’ve ever written.  Later on I’ll report on some of the historical background.  Today it’s more about the story, with a digression via link to bridal gowns.

Though it’s 1828 and woman are simply not allowed to go to medical school and earn a degree, Gwendolyn Adams is determined to be a doctor.  So it makes perfect sense to her to marry a gentleman who's terminally insane.  The mad gentleman with the short lifeline is Dorian Camoys, the Earl of Rawnsley, and he’d rather take his chances with quicksand than with the crazy girl who chases him across Dartmoor.

Look for an excerpt at Loretta Chase…In Other Words sometime this week (no, I'm not the most efficient self-promoter).  For now, I invite you to compare and contrast the wedding gown on the cover with what Gwendolyn might have worn, had hers been a conventional wedding.


Monica Burns said...

WOOT!!!! I get to have me a Loretta Chase story fix!! *happy feet*

francoise_hardy said...

I love that story. Its got everything! I don't know how you fitted it all in. Good that other people have a chance to read it too now.

Emma J said...

Sounds delish! I'll have to hunt this down. Love bride books!

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