Saturday, October 28, 2017

Breakfast Links: Week of October 23, 2017

Saturday, October 28, 2017
Breakfast Links are served - our weekly round-up of fav links to other web sites, articles, blogs, and images via Twitter.
• The ghost of Kit Carson: women's history along the Santa Fe trail.
• Medieval graffiti: demon traps, spiritual landmines, and the writing on the wall.
Emily Dickinson, poet and baker.
• "The Hatpin Peril" terrorized men who couldn't handle 20thc women.
• Inside London's sumptuous Drapers' Hall.
Image: This 1770s porcelain macaroni's wig bag is bigger than the archway (though not perhaps his fashion sense.)
• What does the painting Surrender of Lord Cornwallis have to do with author Edith Wharton?
• Final telegraph transmissions from on board the Titanic.
• Explore the diaries of Miss Fanny Chapman, a 30-something single woman living with her aunt in Regency England.
George Washington's mausoleum: Congressional debates over the work of monuments.
• Video: "I remember the interior of that cabin": how the curators at Monticello used a diary to furnish a reconstructed slave cabin.
• The "petting parties" of 1920s flappers that scandalized many Americans.
• Death takes wing: birds and the folklore of death.
• The poet Shelley's spyglass, found in the wreck of his boat.
• Eradicating smallpox: history in objects.
Image: A daunting to-do list from Thomas Edison's 1888 journal.
Lord Nelson's lasting legacy in London.
Eliza Ross, the forgotten female "burker," who, with her partner, had murdered her 84-year-old lodger to sell her body to anatomists, 1831.
• Skull cup associated with Lord Byron heads to auction.
Image: Princess goals: Prince Margaret's morning routine, 1955 (from the book Ma'am Darling by Craig Brown.
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Above: At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring. Private collection


Hels said...

I know HatPin Peril was a serious historical issue to be studied, but charging women with wearing “murderous weapons” in their hats was insane. And a bit laughable.

Go sisters!

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