Sunday, January 29, 2017

Still Working, But We'll Be Back Soon

Sunday, January 29, 2017
Fuseli, The Nightmare
Loretta & Susan report:

No, our books are not yet done, which is why you haven’t seen a blog post in some time. 

The good news is, the finish line is in view, even if the view is kind of blurry at the moment—though that might be due to lack of sleep or brain fatigue.

We apologize for the overlong blank stretch—believe us, it hasn’t been a holiday, by any means, and the picture doesn't exaggerate. We thank you for your patience and for all the kind words and positive thoughts you’ve sent our way.

If all goes reasonably well, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled blogging by the second week of February, if not sooner.

Image: John Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare (1781), from the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts
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Anonymous said...

Deadlines never are any fun. Take your time, and maybe? take a break when you are done?

This blog is worth being patient for. :-)

Suztats said...

I agree. Glad all is well.

Unknown said...

I truly miss your blog. I will be very glad when you both return. I agree with anon: your blig is worth the wait!

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