Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dining Room Window Decor for August 1816

Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Dining Room Curtains August 1816
Loretta reports:

The commentary about curtains and other hangings being used “in so liberal a degree” had me wondering whether this had been a recent fad, rather than the old-fashioned look of a previous generation. We do know that the heavily-draped look suited many Victorians, but I was puzzled about its popularity during the Regency. It’s also possible, though, that Ackermann’s Repository is simply explaining what’s tasteful and what isn’t, and casually directing the (upper class) reader to George Bullock, an important purveyor of furnishings during this period.

In any case, the view is nice.
1816 Curtains description

1816 Curtains description cont'd
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Marilu said...

Interesting that canary yellow would be a choice. It being for August, this probably would be the country house which makes sense because who would choose that hue to compete with coal smoke in London in the colder months.

Georgie said...

But there must have been "real" curtains as well - these are hooked back so high up that they couldn't have been drawn on daily basis?? They also look very thin.

Perhaps there's a blind hidden up at the top.

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