Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pitt's Cabinet Globe Writing-Table of 1810

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Cabinet Globe Writing-Table
Loretta reports:

Looking into catalogs of early 19th century furniture, I’m always struck by the number of multi-purpose items. We’ve shown some of these articles in previous posts. (Here,  herehere, and here are some examples.)

For me, Pitt’s Cabinet Globe Writing-Table epitomizes this “high degree of ingenuity ... displayed by British artists,” as well as the “elegance and usefulness” so highly prized in the time before Form Follows Function and Less Is More.

Sometimes I wonder whether less is simply less.

Cabinet Globe description

Description continued
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Unknown said...

What a great idea until you actually want to sit at the table and write. Guess that's why they came up with the idea use the globe as a liquor cabinet instead. ;-)

Glen Davies @GlenJDAVIES said...

Might be fine for just signing a letter or document that your secretary had already written out, but the hoop might be a bit of an obstacle otherwise...

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