Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 23, 2015
Harper's Bazar Thanksgiving 1895
Loretta & Susan report:

We in the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. Though we’ve been having Thanksgiving celebrations here since the 17th century, it took us a while to settle on the day, and it didn’t become a Federal Holiday until 1941.

To mark the occasion, the President pardons a turkey. The rest of us celebrate in our own way, often with family feasts. Usually, but not always, an unpardoned turkey holds the place of honor on the table.

The Two Nerdy History girls will this year, as we always do, take a break from blogging during Thanksgiving week, to spend time with our families. We’ll have plenty to be grateful for, including the loyal readers who aid and abet us in our historical nerdiness.

Whether or not you’re celebrating this week, we hope you, too, have a happy and festive week. We’ll look forward to your joining us again next Monday.

Image: Harper’s Bazar Thanksgiving Number 1895, courtesy Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

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Jane in Portugal said...

The President pardons a turkey?
I'm English and I need an explanation! (but after you've finished eating is fine).

AuntieNan said...

I LOVE turkey, and could eat it every week, not just thanksgiving. I never waste a scrap of it, however, because we have a little house upstate NY where big flocks of wild turkeys regularly hold little exercise runs through our yard. They are so funny and cute, chasing each other around. I do have a little qualm eating one of their domestic cousins, so when I do, I do it purposefully and thankfully, and give it pride of place on the table to honor it, since it almost became Americas national bird.
Thanks, nerdy history girls, for your fun and insightful blogging! I have forwarded many of your pieces to my nerdy history friends --sorta how you recommend a really good book--makes you look so well read!
Enjoy your holiday,
Nancy N

Cynthia Lambert said...

I am very thankful for your historical nerdiness. Enjoy the holiday in good health!
Cynthia Lambert

Jill said...

I, too, am thankful for your historical nerdiness. Or your nerdy historicalness. Both of you enjoy your break from blogging and have a Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thank you for this blog, I do enjoy reading them day to day.

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