Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An Early-Morning Walk Through Colonial Williamsburg

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Isabella reporting,

Yes, I'm back in Williamsburg, VA this week, researching and visiting family and friends. As I've mentioned before, I like Colonial Williamsburg in the early morning hours, when the light is sharp and clear and there aren't many modern folk about.

No grand pictures of the Governor's Palace; I prefer the less photographed spots. Here are four photos I took Monday morning. If you enjoy these, there are more (and will be more still, throughout the week) on my Instagram account here.

Above left: Tailor's apprentice Michael McCarty welcomes the first customers of the day to the Margaret Hunter shop. He can be very persuasive presenting the shop's wares. Even Barbie seems impressed, doesn't she?

Above right: The back gardens behind the houses on Duke of Gloucester Street offer all kinds of surprises. Look closely, and you'll see a local cat (no doubt offended by how the nearby thoroughfare is referred to as DoG Street) lounging on the corner of the white fence.

Lower left: A glimpse of one of the landmark building: the top of the Courthouse silhouetted in the morning sun. I'm not sure what those writhing plants are in the foreground, making their final stand of the season - any ideas among our gardening readers?

Lower right: New buildings in Colonial Williamsburg are rare, but this year the 18thc. outdoor Market House (the original was built in the 1750s, and torn down in the 1790s) was recreated. Here an interpreter begins to bring out the day's stock of baskets.

All photographs ©2015 Susan Holloway Scott


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