Saturday, July 4, 2015

Breakfast Links: Week of June 29, 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015
Ready for your weekend browsing - our weekly collection of links to other blogs, websites, articles, and images, discovered via Twitter.
• Eliza Fenning, innocent but proven guilty, 1815.
Lawnmowers for ladies.
• Her Majesty's rat catcher: Jack Black caught vermin for Queen Victoria.
• Jamaica's priestess-warrior Nanny of the Maroons fought against 18thc. British slavers.
Image: Isaac Newton works things out on all sides of an envelope.
• What exactly is a "tea gown"?
• The sartorial dilemmas facing MPs attending Queen Victoria's coronation.
• American Civil War sites - an interactive "then and now."
• Medical recipes in the 18thc.
• The history of the home pregnancy test.
• What are the supplementary rooms in a Regency house?
Image: In honor of Wimbledon this week, an early 20thc. tennis-themed fan.
Havana nights: Eric de Juan designs for Josephine Baker, 1949.
• The raunchy world of 18thc. bookseller and pornographer Edmund Curll.
• Branded for bigamy, 1784.
• Unmasking the WWII military bunkers still disguised as Swiss villas.
• Eight elegant 18thc. views of Chiswick House by painter Pieter Rysbrack.
Image: Late 19thc. advertisement for a woman's bicycle corset.
• A proud and posturing grandfather: Louis XIV appeared at  his best in yearly illustrated almanacs.
• What are state-rooms?
• Going on holiday in 1773: Stone Henge, Wilton House, and more....
• Try this 1723 recipe for "fry'd cream."
• How did a men's hat get its name from a glamorous fin-de-siecle French actress?
• "A toast to your health": getting drunk in Colonial America.
Image: A Civil War "bosom pin" and the letter that accompanied it.
• The prodigal book: miraculous (and mysterious) return of a rare volume to a library.
• The carefully crafted myth of the 18thc. actor David Garrick.
• From a Loyalist's 18thc. estate, to a fashionable Methodist Episcopal church, and now a synagogue: the rich history of NYC's Willetts Street church.
• Joan of Arc underwear and diamond stockings: fashion in travel writing.
• The Georgian joke book.
Earrings, race, and symbolism in Western Renaissance art.
• Leave your screens behind (mostly) at summer rare book school.
Image: Just for fun: Pulp fiction's view of the sordid lives of...librarians.
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Above: At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring. Private collection.


Hels said...

I am coming back to developments in 18th and 19th century medicine more often these days. Some of it is hilarious (see your reference) but some of it was insightful. And brave.

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