Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Princess Charlotte's House

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Warwick House

Loretta reports:

This entry from Ackermann’s Repository for December 1811 intrigued me for a couple of reasons.  One was “the simple and even homely” appearance of Princess Charlotte’s residence.  Pretty striking, considering the grandeur of her father’s digs at Carlton House, not to mention his Royal Pavilion at Brighton or what he made of Buckingham House.  (His "improvements" of the latter continued throughout his successor's reign.) Second was, Where the heck was it? Close to Carlton House, apparently.  If you look at this map, you’ll see Warwick Street.  So it’s somewhere in there.

A little more sleuthing will probably pinpoint it, but
Warwick House description
my initial map searching hasn’t cleared things up.  It'll have to wait for another blog post when I have more time.  In any event, Warwick House apparently came down when Carlton House did, in 1826-27, although rumors of impending destruction appeared at least as early as 1818, as you can read here in Leigh Hunt’s Examiner.

Images courtesy Philadelphia Museum of Art via Internet Archive.

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Chris Jones said...

Hi History Girls, What a coincidence. I was going to tell you about the chap who installed the bells in Warwick House. He was called Thomas Dudley, and wrote a book called The Tocsin. Have a look at pages 106 and 107 to see how 'fickle and capricious' fashion can ruin the lives of honest tradesmen. And then check up on his sister, who married a Persian engineer.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte's father often seemed to dislike her- maybe blaming her for her mother's alleged sins- or because she wasn't a son. His actions didn't seem like those of a loving parent.
Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if she had been a son.

Anonymous said...

this site might also be of interest regarding Warwick House

Anonymous said...

poops forgot to include the site sorry


Grace said...

Warwick House St


Warwick House Street is at the top end of Pall Mall, not far from Trafalgar Sq and just behind Carlton House Terrace. Not far from Clarence House where the Prince of Wales lives.

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