Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fashions for May 1854

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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Loretta reports:

Yes, dear reader, you have read the date correctly.  After all this time of dissing Victorian fashions, I’ve decided to rethink the matter.  Partly because sticking to the first 37 years of the 19th century (pre-Victoria) has grown a little … boring.  Partly because I’ve been reading Dickens again.  Partly because I truly believe that every fashion period has certain bright points.  And partly because a great many more historical romance authors are now setting their stories in the Victorian era, and their ladies, too, deserve attention.

So I present for your consideration what’s always been one of my least favorite fashion eras—the mid-nineteenth century.  Although it’s hard to escape the “woman in a cage” or "bell-shaped female" image, I’m ready to reinterpret, and see what's pretty about the styles.  Are you?  I think we can agree that this plate is quite beautifully done, in any case.

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The fashions, as indicated, are from Godey’s Lady’s Book, courtesy the Internet Archive. (If you decide to look up the magazine on Wikipedia, please be aware that the article contains the usual legend about Queen Victoria being the first bride to wear white, a fashion myth the 2NHG have politely disproved on numerous occasions.)

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Michelle Hamilton said...

Love that you are finally embracing the beauty of the Victorian era, the 1860s is my favorite being a Civil War historian and an re enactor. Maybe one of you lovely ladies will decide to do a romance set in the 1850s or 1860s? Maybe set in the US?

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