Thursday, December 5, 2013

An Elegant Girandole for December 1821

Thursday, December 5, 2013
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Loretta reports:

Though I may not go into detail about the furnishings in a given scene in one of my stories, it's always helpful to have images.  What, exactly, might be reflected in the pier glass?  What's holding the candles?  A sconce?  A chandelier?  A simple candlestick?  Here's one pretty example of the latest thing in glass-making (according to its creators, at any rate).  The illustration and description are from Ackermann's Repository for December 1821.

Read online here
Nerdy History persons curious about the "Memoirs" mentioned in the description may wish to peruse a later edition of Mr. Aplsey Pellat, Jr.'s book on glass-making, complete with color  illustrations.


Deana Sidney said...

My ex inherited 5 pairs of girandoles. I just loved them. They were tiered sparkly wonders that became even more magical when the candles were lit. Such a great way to get light.

I think it always makes reading better when you can picture the room and its furniture in your mind as you read. It brings you into the scene, doesn't it.

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