Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breakfast Links: Week of February 25, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Hot off the Twitterverse griddle for you! Our weekly collection of favorite links to other blogs, web sites, articles, and images.
• Perfect feminist satire from 1915: "Why We Oppose the Vote for Men."
• Delightful image from a medieval bestiary showing how the hedgehog collects & brings home food.
• Eau de Colonge, a fragrance straight from the 18th century.
• "A toast to your health": getting drunk in colonial America.
• Think Bieber-Fever is big? Try a Franz Liszt concert, c.1844.
• The 19th c. fire-vomiting, super-human entity known as Spring-Heeled Jack.
• Head off to a Chelsea jazz club c. 1959 in these great b&w photos.
• The "Lion heart" of Richard I was soaked in holy balm to ease his passage into heaven.
• The Austen Family Music Books Project & the Jane Austen House Museum.
• True tragedy: the other, little-known victims of the Lincoln assassination.
• On-line archive of lurid 1940s Canadian pulp magazines.
• Francis Smith, condemned to death for the murder of a supposed ghost, 1804.
• Charming daguerreotype portraits of 19th c. babies.
• Rare stylized. Jeanne Lanvin fashion figure, 1921.
• Very scary stuff: Victorian anti-masturbation devices.
Morag of Loch Morar: mermaid, monster, or myth.
• Invitation to the launch of the Titanic.
• "I Thought All Was Over": Frederick Ponsonby at Waterloo, 1815.
• Real 17th c. witch-finders Hopkins & Stearne in East Anglia.
• German doctor offers unusual remedy for tuberculosis in NYC, 1913: the turtle cure.
Quiet demoiselles and proud servants in France, 1842.
• " You say you are Suspicious & unreasonable when you are in Love" ~ Lady Melbourne's advice to Byron, 1813.
Mary Ann Cotton (1832-1873), the black widow poisoner.
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Ana said...

The Canadian pulp mag site is terrific, and so is the article on anti-masturbatory devices... but in a different sense of the word.

Chris Woodyard said...

Thank you so much, ladies, for including my post on Spring-Heeled Jack!

Rachel said...

Wow, had to look at "that one" mentioned site! WOW! lol Thanks for the crazy great reads! History nerds loving more history!

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