Monday, July 9, 2012

Fashions for July 1835

Monday, July 9, 2012
Loretta reports:

Here's an example of the Parisian styles Maison Noirot's customers might have encountered in Scandal Wears Satin.

Lady's Magazine & Museum Vol VII

This plate & description turned up unexpectedly in the wrong lady's magazine.  Perusing the 1833 Lady's Magazine & Museum, I found, stuck in the back, the July-October 1835 issues.  A very happy accident for me, since 1835  isn't the easiest year to find fashions for.  Click on pictures & text to enlarge.

Note:  Brodequins are half-boots, with leather soles and satin uppers.  In Paris, "Brodequins of satin royal are fashionable; if not the colour of the dress, they should be bronze, dark moss green, or grey."


Anonymous said...

The fashiion certain would help shy maidens keep men at arm's length. How any man could get close enough to a female to steal a kiss is beyond me. Cage in the women in a cage large enough to keep males at a distance.
Fashion baffles me.
Nancy Blogger makes me sign annonymous

Tilda E. said...

This looks extremely uncomfortable and I would hate to be wearing it in July :)
But moss green "brodequins" sound intriguing....

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