Saturday, March 3, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of February 27, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Served up fresh: our weekly offering of Breakfast Links! Our favorite links to other blogs, web sites, pictures, and articles collected for you from around the Twitterverse.
Eclipse, born 1st April 1764, died 26th February 1789 - perhaps the greatest racehorse of all time.
• Growing your own buildings: a 1,500 yr old yew tree with three benches tucked inside - Herefordshire:
• The ultimate family feud -- Astor vs. Astor.
• Forget Oscars gowns. Pink striped silk ballgown with beautiful sleeves, hem detail c 1820
• The Ghent Altarpiece in ultra-high-resolution. Incredible detail. Zoom in & keep zooming!
• Excellent slide show: Lover’s Eyes : How Eye Miniatures Became the Mood Rings of the Late 1700s
• The Great Dublin Exhibition of Art & Industry,1851:
• Teenage girls of 1940s America:
• The art of dry-cleaning in Paris in 1848:
• Pastel bowties, too. Are these London's most interesting underpants?
• This painting of an 18th c couple in their library holds up a mirror to our own ideals of the civilised life:
• 10 rules of the anti-flirt club of the early 1920s
• Turn-Of-The-Century Gym Clothes
• Charlotte Brontë's lost short story to be published
• Re-imagining Elizabethan London
"Bloomers" take advantage of Leap Year, 1862:
• Dickens at work as a boy in the Blacking Factory
• Knowing the weather at sea by the look of the moon, 17th century style
• Sir John Soane's Other Regency-Era House Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing. 
• Debauchery at the Bartholomew Fair
• An impressively detailed new microsite on the history of Titanic
• Undecorated: Heroines of the Civil War
• An heir & a spare but no love there - Queen Anne of Austria & Spain 1601–1666 -
• Amazing 1945 silk dinner-dress by Mainbocher that's straight out of the 1830s:


Anonymous said...

fascinating! thanks for a few hrs of blissful reading!

nightsmusic said...

That ballgown is just gorgeous! The silk is almost entirely intact and that is rare indeed.

Unfortunately, I can't view the Altar. It's telling me I need to update my browser but I'm on the latest Firefox so I don't know what the problem is.

I love the teen girls from the 40's. Though I wasn't born quite yet, I remember having to wear boy's jeans and when 'girls' jeans first came out.

The 1945 dinner dress is wonderful. There's a catalog out there called Reflections that has period dresses and there are so many times I wish I could just wear their clothes. Of course, one has to be rich and so, considered eccentric to do so. Otherwise, dressing that way now just makes people think you have a screw loose.

And I'm SO excited! The Titanic Exhibition is coming to the Henry Ford Museum at the end of March. Though I live 20 minutes away and am a member, I might just make a two day thing of it and stay there so I can to the Titanic exhibit one day and Greenfield Village the next.

Pure Joy!

Great links today. Thank you. :o)

Anonymous said...

that was a fascinating article about Eclipse. here's a link with more info on horse racing breeding
thanks, thea

Catherine said...

Look forward to each of your offerings. Who said History is boring? Thank you!

Julie said...

Look forward to your list every Monday. Keep spoiling us. Please!

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