Saturday, October 22, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of October 17, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Served up fresh for you, our weekly offering of Breakfast Links: our favorite links to other blogs, web sites, pictures, and articles, all collected for you from around the Twitterverse.
• Punch & Judy (Cruikshank's 1828 etchings) 
Kaboom! The London Beer Flood of 1814.
• Braids and bows: Edwardian girls' hairstyles:
Jockey Silks and Spectators; explores the historical roots of horse racing apparel
• The Duchess d'Uzes, a 19th c "valiant artist-sculptor," at work :
'Body of Evidence: Proving Infanticide in Early Modern England' -
Gorgeous Regency painted penwork sewing box - (Worth a look, as cannot afford to buy it!)
A brief history of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes & tintypes:
Elegant small stable c 1871somehow survived in mid-town Manhattan:
• Previously little-seen (and saucy) portrait of Nell Gwyn included in an exhibition on the first actresses
For manly sporting gentlemen in the late 19th c: the Norfolk jacket:
A different kind of attraction at Los Angeles Zoo, with a carousel of endangered animals:
A manuscript miscellany of poems gathered by Anne Campbell ca.1600
Have you ever wondered why pencils are yellow?
Rude, lewd & obscene drawings of Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV's favourite mistress - and what they reveal besides the obvious:
An unsolved 19th c murder in NYC's wealthy elite & the now-ravaged mansion where it happened:
•  Drinking Whiskey In The Spirit Of George Washington
11 Blows on His Buttocks - Bizarre customs of a 17th Century Printing House
Writing tables as 17th century cutting-edge technology: Renaissance smartphones.
“Spades, Umbrellas — Even a Tiny Pair of Child's Shoes — Everything” Victorian Pawnbroking:
You've just come upon a trove of #CharlesDickens letters! Which one will you read first?
Every pearl, rhinestone, & bead is visible on exquisite 1954 gown by the House of Dior—zoom to see:
Above: At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring, 1898


Fanny said...

Thanks for the links! I just loved the article about the beer flood... :P

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