Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Pictures: An 18th c. Autumn Day in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Felicity Flower said...

Wish I were in Williamsburg right now! What a magical place. I've only been there once but I hope to return.

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out the round window in the top picture. Does the glass and frame swing out? Is that why it doesn't show? Or is there modern seamless glass?

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Yes, Felicity Flowers, Wiliamsburg is a very nice place to visit in almost any season - though I will say from experience that the fall and spring are much better than the summer swelter.

Anonymous, the photo shows a round opening in a garden wall. No glass involved, but it does frame the view quite elegantly.

Unknown said...


Do you happen to remember which Garden that the brick wall surrounded (the one with the hole "window?"

My wife had her picture taken there over 30 years ago while she was sitting in it and would love to take a recent picture with the old picture being held in position over top.

Thanks for your help.

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Ben, I would have emailed you directly, but I didn't have an address...

Anyway - the window is in a wall in one of the gardens behind the Governor's Palace, overlooking the canal. I believe it's the garden with the espaliered fruit trees, right before the Maze and the Mount. Hope that helps you recreate the picture with your wife!


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