Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to win the ladies in 1823

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Loretta reports:

For hot weather, a little light amusement from The Rambler Magazine.
Anecdotes, Bon Mots, Jeux d’Esprits, &c.

How To Win The Ladies.—The plainest man, who pays attention to women, will sometimes succeed as well as the handsomest man who does not. Wilkes observed to Lord Townsend,—

"You, my Lord, are the handsomest man in the kingdom, and I the plainest; but I would give your Lordship half an hour's start, and yet come up with you in the affections of any woman we both wished to win: because all those attentions which you would omit, on the score of your fine exterior, I should be obliged to pay, owing to the deficiencies of mine."
Elopement.—The elopement of the two Miss W——'s from Staffordshire, has excited a strong sensation in that and the adjoining counties. These ladies being nearly connected with the first families in England and Wales, and the youngest only sixteen years of age. It seems, that being at Bath last winter for the completion of their education, (having lately lost their mother) they were closely beset by two young sons of Mars, and to avert the threatened danger, were sent to the house of their aunt, Mrs. A—, who is separated from her husband, and resides in the neighbourhood of Stafford.

Here, as it was more than suspected, an attempt would be made to carry them off, they were accompanied by two trusty female servants; but all the eyes of Argus were wanting ; for watching an opportunity, they got out of the drawing-room window, and ran for two miles into the turnpike road, where a coach and four, with their happy swains, awaited their arrival. Their aunt followed them as soon as she could procure four post-horses, but relinquished the pursuit at Newcastle; the lovers having got two hours a head of her in their road to Gretna Green. We understand the parties are safe returned, properly linked in the bands of wedlock.—Globe and Traveller.

From The Rambler's magazine: or, Fashionable emporium of polite literature , Volume 2.  1823


Richard Foster said...

Those rules for winning with the ladies could appear in the next issue of ESQUIRE. Still make excellent sense.

Marie said...

I've always read about elopements to Gretna Green, but I wasn't sure they really happened. How romantic to learn they did! Thank you, Miss Chase, and thank you for your wonderful books. You are my all time favorite writer!

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