Saturday, March 27, 2010

Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

Saturday, March 27, 2010
Loretta & Susan reporting:

Our readers may have noticed the two new book covers at right. Yes, we are the Two Nerdy History Girls, but when we're not writing blogs, we're writing novels, and these are our newest, scheduled to appear in your look bookstore around summer's end. Loretta's Last Night's Scandal arrives in August, and Susan's The Countess & the King: A Novel of the Countess of Dorchester & King James II in September. We'll have more to say about them over the next few months, but we couldn't resist showing off our covers now.

As for both covers having a purple-theme...we have no idea how that happened. Completely different genres, stories, and publishers. Must have been something in the air or the stars. Or maybe purple is this year's Gemini color.

Left: Detail from Southwark Fair by William Hogarth, 1733


Monica Burns said...

ooohhh, I like them both very MUCH!! And you two are fashion compatible with the purple gowns!! How much planning did that take? LOL

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

I swear, Monica, we knew NOTHING about it! The art director at my publisher even changed the original color of the painting on my cover -- that dressing-gown thingee is really slate blue. Truly the cover-gods decreed that it would be so.

Or, as my kids always say, "Not my fault! It was an accident!" *g*

nightsmusic said...

Gorgeous covers! And the purple is purrrfect! :o)

Vanessa Kelly said...

Love those covers! The only bad part is that August and September seem very far away.

Mme.Tresbeau said...

Congratulations, ladies. I can't wait for these books.

Heather Carroll said...

Congratulations! And yes, purple is a Gemini color ;)
Plus it's in this season.

Jenny Girl said...

I'm all for Self-Promotion!
Thes covers are awesome and since I jduge books by their covers I woul pick these up without hesitation.
Not that I wouldn't pick them up anyway :)
btw, the Countess and the Mistress look related. They have the same mouth.

Good luck and much success to you both.

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Thanks to all for your kind thoughts! You'll turn our heads (even though authors can't really take either the claim or the blame for cover art.)

Heather, I'm glad purple's a Gemini color. We are both right-in-the-middle Geminis -- my birthday is June 1 and Loretta's is June 2 -- so we'll take whatever omens we can find.

JennyGirl, the Countess and Mistress look alike because they're by the same artist, Sir Peter Lely. Yes, there was a "look" in fashion in Restoration England, just as there is in every era, but Sir Peter carried it to extremes, making almost every lady he painted look exactly the same. Hmm...sounds like a good blog topic....!

Heather Carroll said...

How funny! I'm one too- May 30, that's why I know! Now all I need is a purple book.

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