Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg: Day III

Monday, December 28, 2009

As lovely as Colonial Williamsburg is to the  eye, it's also pleasing to the other senses, too.  We can't give you a taste of 18th c. style hot chocolate via the blog (though we wish we could!) or make the scent of an open fire come wafting through your computer screen.  We can, however, share the stirring sounds of the fife and drum corps as they march down Duke of Gloucester Street –– here's the link to a number of their performances in videos, slide-shows, and audio clips.  The corps consists of school-aged boys and girls (and yes, we realize it's not entirely accurate to include girls, even girls dressed as boys, but as Nerdy History GIRLS we can't help but applaud the equal opportunity) from the town of Williamsburg; competition for the corps is fierce, as is the rigorous training and practice, but the resulting performances help bring Colonial Williamsburg to stirring life, whatever the season.  It's impossible to hear them without falling into step, and as they march through the town they always draw a huge crowd following after them in an impromptu parade.  A very cool experience!


nightsmusic said...

They're so much easier to see in daylight, aren't they? ;)

That's awesome they use the kids like that. The pipers in the picture I posted are all adult players and that night, they weren't marching. Just standing outside the salt box, real close to the fire ;) It really was pretty cold. I could have stood there all night and listened to them though.

I'm going to have to make a point of visiting Colonial Williamsburg. This is my kind of vacation. Not the DH's, but I don't mind going alone.

As an interesting side note, at Greenfield Village, is the Henry Ford Academy. A high school in the village, students attend from several districts and the competition to get in is fierce. They take the 1900 train from the entrance back to the school every day and vice versa. Wouldn't that be a neat way to go to school?

Katie said...

I visited Williamsburg years ago on a school trip, and I've never forgotten the Fife and Drum music (and how I thought all the boys in their soldier uniforms were so cute, lol!) Your picture and the links to the mp3s brought it all right back.
Happy Holidays to the History Girls and everyone else!

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Theo, I'm always glad to see kids interested in history, no matter what the context! I know it's hard to make the 18th c. more interesting than a wii, but it CAN be done! *g*

Greenfield does sound fascinating. If you're adding CW to your "must see" list, I think I have to add Greenfield to mine.

Katie, you are far from alone -- we NHG must confess to ogling a few of the more handsome gentlemen interpreters, too. Oh, history is so much fun.....

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