Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nearby History

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Susan reports:

Looking over our posts, it's safe to say that so far the TNHG have been pretty Eurocentric in our history, even Anglocentric.  Which is not to say that we're not interested in the history of our own country, because we ARE.  

Among our readers are the librarians of the Archives Research Center of the Sandusky Library in Sandusky, OH. Their blog, Sandusky History, is proof that you don't have to go to London for history; there's fascinating stuff right around the corner.  On their current page, you'll find information about the cholera epidemic in Ohio in 1849; Margaret Bloodgood Peeke, a 19th c. Congregationalist minister's wife who, after raising six children, became a Martinist (a mystical form of Christianity) and the author of Zenia, the Vestal, described as "a story of great value to all who are interested in the Soul's development according to the laws of vibration"; and more of these very cool vintage Halloween postcards from their collection. 

I could happily get lost on this site for hours....

Postcard by Raphael Tuck and Sons. Donated by Mary Elizabeth Opie to the Follet House Museum, Sandusky, OH


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

If I remember correctly, I just sent an urgent plea to a NHG who shall remain nameless, yet whose identity may be revealed as Madame S, to kindly NOT offer links to sites that would affix my magpie-like interest. Thanks for nuthin.

But maybe you know this -- as we were talking to our kids about Jack O Lanterns and Witch of Blackbird Pond and Samhain the other night (because, really, any opportunity to bring up Nat, the Cap'n's son shouldn't be missed): Did the practice of Jack of the Lantern start in England or America?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

btw, I believe you've redeemed Sandusky, OH, in pop culture, as we now can couple Martinism w/ "Tommy Boy" when we hear mention of the name of that most excellent town.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Wow! What a great blog - I've bookmarked it. I wish more libraries had the time/energy to do their own blogs.

Ah, Tommy Boy! I had forgotten you. Yes, Sandusky has been redeemed!

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Michelle, my humble apologies about the endless trail of links. But that's what makes the internet so -- so beguiling, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, it wastes time, too, but hey, what doesn't? *g*

As for the jack o'lanterns. I didn't know this myself, but here's a link (haha) to a recent article that explains that they derived from turnips:

And Tommy Boy? Wow, I'd forgotten that! The greats live on, don't they?

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Vanessa, I wish more libraries had the time for blogs like the Sandusky Library's one, too. Not only because I love stuff like this myself, but because I suspect most librarians would also love to have the time/budget/freedom to put blogs like this together. So you go, Sandusky, for supporting such a wonderful library system!

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