Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reader, I unbuttoned them

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Loretta reports:

Breeches buttoned Finally, I got to unbutton a pair of breeches.
Susan and I entered the milliner’s shop in Colonial Williamsburg,
and there they were, spread out on the counter.

Breeches up close We were told we were welcome to touch, so I did.
In case you were wondering, that “stockinette” you may have read about is definitely stretchy--and thinner than you’d guess. These breeches are 18th century, a little before my writing time.

Breeches-fall It was very interesting to learn that men of the Regency wore their clothes much tighter. Tailors, we were told, were advised to cut the material three inches narrower than the man’s measurements. So now I’m picturing men in tights. (???)


Annfes said...

"Reader, I unbuttoned them" is the fave post

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