Saturday, November 13, 2010

Answers to the trick questions

Saturday, November 13, 2010
(Questions appeared last week in Amusements from a Ladies' Magazine.)
1.   They both furnish you with Dates.
2.   They both form our habits.
3.   His foot.
4.   Shrove Tuesday. Pancake-day.
5.   Because he has a title.
6.   Because it is always forgetting.
7.   Lie still.
8.   They are both Invisible.
9.   Hose Hannah to the highest—Hosannah to the Highest.
10.  A wedding ring.
11.  It is a Noose-paper.
12.  Because he stands in-kneed.
13.  It is hardly done.
14.  Because he is a male-content.
15.  He animates dead subjects.
16.  February.
17.  It is governed by a Minister.
18.  He claims the unredeemed.
19.  The vowel I.
20.  Because she is notable.
21.  Because it is a-version.
22.  It is the way to Turnham Green
23.  It keeps off the sparks.
24.  Because the first apple damned the first pear—pair.


Erika Sundeen said...

I don't get number 16! February?

Anonymous said...

it is the shortest month... :)

andrea jaehnel said...

this is the first blog i ever read, beeing a complete internet-idiot...
i find it very sweet and interesting! i used to be an author too, but since it is almost impossible in germany to win any money by writing books, i started making renaissance-hairpieces instead. i thought this might be interesting for you. if you like to have a look at my "hair":
love, andrea.

Jane O said...

I never would have guessed #22, but I could kick myself for not guessing #19. And who knew that 200 years ago people also pronounced news "nooz" and they weren't even from New York!
Love this!

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