Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Video: Dressing an 18thc English Gentleman

Friday, August 3, 2018

Susan reporting,

Here's another wonderful fashion history video from the Lady Lever Art Gallery and National Museums of Liverpool, and a companion to this video demonstrating how an 18thc elite woman dressed for her day.

This jaded gentleman is not so much dressing, as being dressed, languidly presenting himself to his valet. Personally, I want to share this video with every copy editor who has queried the word "fall" in relation to 18thc breeches. One picture (or video!) is worth a thousand words.

Thanks to costume historian Pauline Loven and director Nick Loven of Crow's Eye Productions for sharing their latest video with us.

If you received this video via email, you may be seeing an empty space or black box where the video should be. Please click here to view the video.


Drayton Bird said...

The word breeches is pronounced britches, which is why that word is in use.

Cynthia Lambert said...

Bring back the banyan!

KarenAnne said...

Where is the cravat they're always supposed to be struggling with, or did I miss that explanation because I didn't turn on cc?

Ruth Hodges said...

I've never seen such a long shirt for sleeping (like the one that he takes off at the beginning). Is there documentation for that?

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