Saturday, April 2, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of March 28, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

No April Fools here! Only a fresh serving of our weekly Breakfast Links: miscellaneous blogs, web sites, and news stories gathered from the farthest reaches of the Twitterverse. If you’re on Twitter, please follow us – that little bird in the right-hand column will lead the way.

• Silly Jane Austen video: "I'm reading your favorite novel... to my sister!" JA Old Spice Parody
• Some fierce, over-the-top caps worn with aplomb by late 18th c English & French ladies:
• Museum conserves rare Tiffany church windows vital to American cultural history:
• Great images of attitudes towards dirt throughout history
• The royal wedding cake will feature oak leaves, acorns and ivy symbols, but why? The royal icing on the cake:
• Swooning over these amazing Penguin Classics Threads covers, including Secret Garden!
• Interesting thoughts about the Restoration of Charles II & the London mob of 1660:
• A Rare and Extensive Archive of Love Letters by Elizabeth Taylor Up for Sale:
• Our fascination with automata continues: c 1810 jeweled pistols shoot tiny singing birds, not bullets:
• The racy fashions in “Some Like It Hot” caused bans and boycotts after its release on this day in 1959:
• Restoration of the Duke of Wellington's jacket at the Tower of London: 
• Three Hundred Years of the Royal Ascot
• The little-remembered "Arctic Diana", Louise Arner Boyd; Women at Sea:
• The Fox Sisters & The Davenport Brothers: Victorian spiritualists: Could they speak to the dead?
• On this day two hundred years ago, Jane Austen politely told Rev. James Stanier Clarke to take a shovel and shove it.
• An elaborate bridegroom's shirt c1860, embroidered by his bride. Plus charts, if you're feeling lovesome/ambitious:
• Royal wedding cartoons show William and Kate are lucky it's 2011
• "Dumb Politically, Blind to the Census, Deaf to the Enumerator." Suffragettes boycot the 1911 census
• Handwritten epigram of congratulations from Lady Hamilton to Lord Nelson after Battle of Copenhagen:


nightsmusic said...

Thanks for the links this week! I've missed this since my laptop died. It made this morning's coffee much better :o)

I have to wonder how many of the women with the hats chewed willow bark or drank the tea all the time because my gosh, their necks must have pained them terribly by the end of the day.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

thanks so much! I always find out the most interesting things when I stop by on a Sunday.

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