Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of April 11, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011
Another Sunday, and another week's serving of the freshest Breakfast Links – a selection of noteworthy tidbits gathered from other blogs, web sites, and news stories that we've discovered via the Twitterverse:

Interesting blog on Queen Mother's 1923 wedding dress, trendy at the time, less so now:
• Ornamental Garden Homes for the Delicious Dove – Dovecotes & Pigeon-houses-
• Wave the Union Jack! On this day in 1606, James I proclaimed the 1st union flag
• We couldn't resist: Kermit the Frog reporting from the Boston Tea Party:
• Slideshow of stunning early 20th c. photos of old China: RT
• The throne: a symbol of power and authority: a new exhibition of thrones at Versailles:
• Sumptuous pair of embroidered gloves for Court c 1600 & all they represent:
• Fascinating peek inside Maison Lemarié, the 132 year old Parisian atelier specializing in featherwork.
• Poet John Keats still sits in an alcove rescued from Old London Bridge:
• “They Come Down Here and Drop Into The Water” Helping desperate Victorian prostitutes:
• "Famous In My Time.....Medora Leigh"
• Enjoy highlights from the exhibition "Venice: Canaletto and His Rivals" in this short film
• The Great Darkness of 1837:How this mysterious phenomenon caused London to grind to a halt.
• A Civil War surgeon, & suffragist, Dr. Mary Walker refused to wear women’s clothing.
• Famous London arches (most definitely not Micky D's!): Underneath the Arches:
• Which way up? Forks, spoons and fashions in table setting at Fairfax House:
Henry VIII, Mme Curie, many others get the Lego treatment:
• Prepare to browse! One of the most extensive private collections of vintage photos on Flickr -
• Archaeologists resume a dig on the site of William Shakespeare's last home
• Need some milk for your breakfast? Pop down and see this vendor in St James Park (c1910)


Ingrid Mida said...

What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing your favourite links.

nightsmusic said...

Though I know it was a trendsetter at the time, the queen's dress is so dowdy looking and makes her look more like she's wearing a glorified gunny sack. Suck a shame too because I'm sure the material and hand work were beautiful in and of themselves. But the overall effect...not so much.

I found the little bit on the London blackout very interesting though. No explanation for it and only over London. Hm....maybe an alien visit?



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